What Is The Planet’s “Other” Conversation?

There are two very divergent conversations happening across the spectrum of the collective, and these conversations are becoming more distinct now with each passing day.  In a nutshell, the directions these two conversations are taking reflect how each of us perceives life.  Is life a temporary, ‘accidental’ product of entropy brought here by amino acids from a passing asteroid, limited to this dimension and only local to this planet?  Is consciousness a product of the brain that dies when you do?  This is how the scientific community and ‘leading’ thinkers believe life to be.  But then they keep revising their story every hundred years or so as their ‘data collection’ methods improve.

You might think of it this way: several centuries ago, the quality of their data had the ‘illuminati’ of the day claiming the world was flat and the universe revolved around it.  Then not so long ago, with improved measurements, they revised their perceptions to conclude the universe was no bigger than the Milky Way galaxy.  Now you hear that it all began with a ‘big bang’ and that computers with artificial intelligence and rapidly doubling computational power will in the not too distant future outsmart our puny brains.  Genetics are fixed, so therefore only the very few lucky ones among us can ever achieve any level of genius.  Life is scarce and resources are limited.  And so the conversation goes on and on along these lines of reasoning limited to the projection of finite data.

Viewed from the BEINGHOOD language of Worldviews, these perceptions are projected out from a limited reference point, and are from that place possibly accurate – but from and for that place only.  Yet the ego has a tendency to project this limited awareness onto the whole of reality much like a blind man rubbing his hand across a tusk claims he now assumes he understands the rest of the elephant – but maybe it’s a Walrus instead!  This kind of logic is very dangerous to our true evolution.  Take gravity for example.  Is it real?  Then how can you explain levitation?

So then, just what is the “other” conversation?

At the core of it we begin with the perception that everything – life, energy, matter, etc. – arose from consciousness.  Consciousness was already here, and everything arose from consciousness – not the other way around*The “other” conversation is BEINGHOOD, and many tenets of this “other” conversation are found in the ‘Proclamation Of Beinghood’ at http://www.beinghood.com.

The universe as we now know it is simply one amongst an infinite number of universes.  As our awareness expands (and that is all that is ever expanding), we will come to a point where beyond the billions of galaxies we now see and these untold number of universes we will come to discover – an infinite number of things even greater than that will be found.  And it goes in BOTH directions!  Smaller and smaller beyond ‘sub-atomic’ particles to who knows what is next?  Remember, just over a century ago medical doctors didn’t wash their hands before surgery because they didn’t believe in germs or the need for hygiene and physicists thought atoms were the bottom rung on the ladder of creation.

When you start from the fundamental perception of Creation coming forth as an infinite, unlimited, endless, spaceless, timeless, immortal void, you begin to see reality and possibility in a whole new light.  You transcend the mind and rationalization and logic to the already knowing of the HEART, as the heart is always connected to this fountain of youth.  Beauty is all you see, as the universe is a magical symphony of order expressing forth everywhere – rather than merely some accident of chaos.  You understand the brain and in particular the pineal gland is simply a ‘carbon based’ antennae of clustered water transducing or ‘stepping down’ this infinite consciousness from other dimensions much like the transformers in our present day electrical grid do now before electricity reaches our home.  Because of this, you avoid fluoride in any form as the poison it truly is which closes down and calcifies the pineal, and you work vigilantly and ceaselessly to cleanse the body and decalcify the pineal of the relentless onslaught of this and other toxins that those of greater ignorance are pushing upon you in ever increasing ways and forms.

The “other” conversation sees that limitations of resources and scarcity are only limitations in the imagination.  Creation is infinite, and if you align with this “other” conversation of infinite imagination, you move ever closer to your own infinite possibilities in every way.  The imagination is only limited by you.  Is ‘free energy’ possible?  If you believe in the current data you’d say it violates the ‘known laws of the universe’.  What if those laws aren’t laws after all but only the byproduct of the latest subjective interpretation in our relative universe by the scientific priesthood of our modern era?  Maybe there is more energy in the universe than our current mainstream science knows about.  Even their ‘calculations’ suggest this to be so.  Then what is stopping us from moving beyond the burning of oil and radioactive elements to harnessing this abundance of energy?  In a word – WORLDVIEWS!  Our present worldview on energy hasn’t evolved much from the campfire in the days of Stone Age man.  It’s still just a more ‘technologically’ sophisticated form of a very limited worldview – burning something for ‘heat’ energy.  And ‘heat’ energy is a product of the ‘Safety-Based’ (Beige) Worldview!  In other words, we have our modern world built upon a mentality of base survival!  The ‘popular’ mainstream conversation has us on an exponentially downward spiral, and we wonder why we’re pushing the envelope of extinction now at ever faster rates.

The “other” conversation sees the mutability of epigenetics, where our perceptions and beliefs have more power to heal us than the best technology ever can or will – if only we can learn to know our true power as infinite Beings.  The “other” conversation understands that the simple remedies of our ancestors address the cause of dis-ease, rather than the complex ‘modern’ attempts to cover over the effects.

The “other” conversation has us tap our infinite ‘knowing’ which is always available to us – something no quantum computer with ‘artificial intelligence’ can ever hope to match. Here is the big distinction: there are many kinds of intelligence.  ‘Artificial intelligence’ that is the sum total of a sequence of ‘self-learning’ calculations is not the same intelligence that Sources infinite consciousness.  Nor can a bucket of bolts and transistors ever ‘feel’ the love of the Heart’s infinite knowing or perceive beauty, because only our LIVING heart is truly connected to the infinite I AM consciousness.

The “other” conversation has us tap our intuitive, psychic, telepathic and remote sensing and viewing capabilities and a whole range of other ‘universal intelligences’ we have been endowed with by our (infinite consciousness) ‘Creator’, to access infinite intelligence and to connect non-locally anywhere and anytime – something the N$A and ‘PTB’ would hate for you ever to figure out because it renders useless their best surveillance capabilities.

When we tap our infinite intelligence we tap our Source of genius.  Genius is not ‘fixed’ by some genetic luck of the draw at birth.  Genius is NOT book smarts or how good you are at rote subjects like math. That’s simply ‘program logic’ and computers can already blow away any of us on that limited level. That is not the intelligence or capacity our “other” conversation is talking about.  The “other” conversation is about TRUE genius!  The genius that has the capacity to map ‘The Matrix’ of deception, perceive infinite consciousness as their BEINGHOOD, and navigate the world of illusion with ease and grace.  The genius that uses ‘infinite imagination’ to manifest anything it, well, can imagine!  Genius is available to EVERYONE when they tap into their infinite Self and become their unique Gift.  We are ALL born with some kind of genius, and there appears to be a war against you ever finding that out because when you are coming from your authentic genius you can no longer ever again be controlled or deceived.  In short, the “other” conversation is about your freedom as a Sovereign Being.

Finally, the “other” conversation knows – as we have been exploring throughout this discussion –  that consciousness does not end with death, because consciousness is not the product of our body or our brain, the body is a product of infinite consciousness and death is therefore an illusion.  We are immortal, infinite consciousness.  When you come to stand in your power, you have stepped into the “other” conversation – your BEINGHOOD.  Welcome!

*This is what I have come to call “Reed’s 180° rule: everything is the opposite of what you perceive it to be until you are enlightened”, because the five outer senses misinterpret the data backwards, much like your eye takes in an image upside down requiring your brain to turn it right side up.