There Are ONLY TWO (2) Things That Matter In Your Life…

When you get all the illusion stripped away, there are ONLY TWO (2) things that matter in your life…

The Essence of Focus and Filters

1.  FOCUS, because there is only this moment, always and ever, what you focus on each moment is tantamount.  If you died tomorrow, all your possessions and money would be meaningless, and only your legacy is what is left behind.  Yes, your possessions may have hand-me-down value to your heirs, but that misses the point.

Love is the highest Service and value one can give.  In thought, word and deed, love is what counts in the cosmic bank account.  It is what you look at when you pass over – how much love did I give?  And giving is also the key here.  It’s not how much love did I take!  That isn’t possible when you really sit with it.

Love of your Self, others, life, the planet, animal, plant and mineral kingdom, your ancestors, the universe as a whole.  Cut it anyway you will, giving love in every moment is what counts.  Love of your creations, your world, your enemies and shadow aspects as a disowned part of your Self.  All of these and anything else you can think of are what we are talking about here when it comes to your true BEINGHOOD.

And as we said above, but it bears repeating, there is only this moment, and there is only giving love that matters.  There is no opposite of love, hate is only the absence of love, just as cold is only the absence of heat and dark is the absence of light.  So the bottom line focus of your enlightened life is to give love in every moment, in all ways, in your intentions toward ANYTHING or ANYONE, and your thoughts, actions, words and deeds – especially toward your Self!  Remember, where attention goes, energy flows.

2. Next comes your FILTERS.  How do you filter your Self from the world, from showing up as you truly are, from giving ALL of your Self to the world without holding back?  BEING authentically you, honest and true.  Most people play small, are afraid for any millions of reasons to be their shining, their radiant beautiful Self – they self-censor and hold back being great.

Genius is simply someone who stepped forward and gave themselves fully to the world, gave their Gift to give, however many forms and ways that can take.  Being bold enough to be true to both your Self and to life!  Authentically you.  When you fully get free of your conditioning and armoring and stories and limiting beliefs causing you to be ‘less than’ you, then you are free in the truest sense of the word.  When you feel “its safe to be me”, safe to shine your full and true essence, you are in your BEINGHOOD, you are radiating your Soul to the world, and this is what the world is demanding of you – always.  Only you are the one who pulls back on the throttle of life and goes at life ‘in the comfort zone’.

Fear is the primary factor in causing you to hold back.  False Evidence Appearing Real.  Self-censoring is the fastest way to separate you from what your spirit is calling you forth to be.  Its all an illusion.  The difference between you and the rich and famous is they are not afraid to step out onto the stage of life and show themselves.

Be vulnerable!  Put yourself in ‘awkward positions’ taking a stand for your beliefs.  Share what you think, feel and believe.  Don’t hold back!

You worry what the neighbors might think, what others will believe or think about you, so you beat them to the punch so to speak and reject yourself first, never fully and truly speaking your mind.  Or you don’t believe you are ‘good enough’ or worthy of creating the book or work of art or invention you always fantasize about in your mind.  “If only” is your motto in life.  If only this or that was in place, this or that condition was met, then things might be different so now I can finally get on with it.  You are living from the past or waiting for the future, never being present and living in the now.  And as we saw in the first part of this two part equation, there is ONLY the present now!  All else is a distraction and a way to limit your full BEING here and now.

So give your Self fully to the world, knowing its SAFE to be you, and that only you hold the key to your full and true freedom, your BEINGHOOD.

So… what’s your choice going to be?

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