The Missing Piece

The word “BEINGHOOD” is the missing piece in the conscious evolution of Humanity.

The common understanding is that evolution is something that happens “to us”, by default.  However, this is inaccurate and we needn’t fall victim to it.  We are Creator Beings, and as such have the capacity to guide our evolution through deliberate, conscious choice.

When we step into our Beinghood, how we then choose to evolve as Humanity grows out of our tribe’s clear intentions as a harmonious, inter-dependent Tapestry.

This is our chosen path, our collective Will – that when we all take full responsibility individually, together we become a truly Self-organizing system.

Beinghood is freedom.

As more and more heed their call to Beinghood, a planetary turning point becomes quickly reached.  Now we can each know who our conscious, awake Brothers and Sisters are.

The signs are all about us today.  Congratulations to all of us in the Beinghood on creating the world we’ve been waiting for!

Come celebrate the shift…

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