What Is The Planet’s “Other” Conversation?

There are two very divergent conversations happening across the spectrum of the collective, and these conversations are becoming more distinct now with each passing day.  In a nutshell, the directions these two conversations are taking reflect how each of us perceives life.  Is life a temporary, ‘accidental’ product of entropy brought here by amino acids from a passing asteroid, limited to this dimension and only local to this planet?  Is consciousness a product of the brain that dies when you do?  This is how the scientific community and ‘leading’ thinkers believe life to be.  But then they keep revising their story every hundred years or so as their ‘data collection’ methods improve.

You might think of it this way: several centuries ago, the quality of their data had the ‘illuminati’ of the day claiming the world was flat and the universe revolved around it.  Then not so long ago, with improved measurements, they revised their perceptions to conclude the universe was no bigger than the Milky Way galaxy.  Now you hear that it all began with a ‘big bang’ and that computers with artificial intelligence and rapidly doubling computational power will in the not too distant future outsmart our puny brains.  Genetics are fixed, so therefore only the very few lucky ones among us can ever achieve any level of genius.  Life is scarce and resources are limited.  And so the conversation goes on and on along these lines of reasoning limited to the projection of finite data.

Viewed from the BEINGHOOD language of Worldviews, these perceptions are projected out from a limited reference point, and are from that place possibly accurate – but from and for that place only.  Yet the ego has a tendency to project this limited awareness onto the whole of reality much like a blind man rubbing his hand across a tusk claims he now assumes he understands the rest of the elephant – but maybe it’s a Walrus instead!  This kind of logic is very dangerous to our true evolution.  Take gravity for example.  Is it real?  Then how can you explain levitation?

So then, just what is the “other” conversation?

At the core of it we begin with the perception that everything – life, energy, matter, etc. – arose from consciousness.  Consciousness was already here, and everything arose from consciousness – not the other way around*The “other” conversation is BEINGHOOD, and many tenets of this “other” conversation are found in the ‘Proclamation Of Beinghood’ at http://www.beinghood.com.

The universe as we now know it is simply one amongst an infinite number of universes.  As our awareness expands (and that is all that is ever expanding), we will come to a point where beyond the billions of galaxies we now see and these untold number of universes we will come to discover – an infinite number of things even greater than that will be found.  And it goes in BOTH directions!  Smaller and smaller beyond ‘sub-atomic’ particles to who knows what is next?  Remember, just over a century ago medical doctors didn’t wash their hands before surgery because they didn’t believe in germs or the need for hygiene and physicists thought atoms were the bottom rung on the ladder of creation.

When you start from the fundamental perception of Creation coming forth as an infinite, unlimited, endless, spaceless, timeless, immortal void, you begin to see reality and possibility in a whole new light.  You transcend the mind and rationalization and logic to the already knowing of the HEART, as the heart is always connected to this fountain of youth.  Beauty is all you see, as the universe is a magical symphony of order expressing forth everywhere – rather than merely some accident of chaos.  You understand the brain and in particular the pineal gland is simply a ‘carbon based’ antennae of clustered water transducing or ‘stepping down’ this infinite consciousness from other dimensions much like the transformers in our present day electrical grid do now before electricity reaches our home.  Because of this, you avoid fluoride in any form as the poison it truly is which closes down and calcifies the pineal, and you work vigilantly and ceaselessly to cleanse the body and decalcify the pineal of the relentless onslaught of this and other toxins that those of greater ignorance are pushing upon you in ever increasing ways and forms.

The “other” conversation sees that limitations of resources and scarcity are only limitations in the imagination.  Creation is infinite, and if you align with this “other” conversation of infinite imagination, you move ever closer to your own infinite possibilities in every way.  The imagination is only limited by you.  Is ‘free energy’ possible?  If you believe in the current data you’d say it violates the ‘known laws of the universe’.  What if those laws aren’t laws after all but only the byproduct of the latest subjective interpretation in our relative universe by the scientific priesthood of our modern era?  Maybe there is more energy in the universe than our current mainstream science knows about.  Even their ‘calculations’ suggest this to be so.  Then what is stopping us from moving beyond the burning of oil and radioactive elements to harnessing this abundance of energy?  In a word – WORLDVIEWS!  Our present worldview on energy hasn’t evolved much from the campfire in the days of Stone Age man.  It’s still just a more ‘technologically’ sophisticated form of a very limited worldview – burning something for ‘heat’ energy.  And ‘heat’ energy is a product of the ‘Safety-Based’ (Beige) Worldview!  In other words, we have our modern world built upon a mentality of base survival!  The ‘popular’ mainstream conversation has us on an exponentially downward spiral, and we wonder why we’re pushing the envelope of extinction now at ever faster rates.

The “other” conversation sees the mutability of epigenetics, where our perceptions and beliefs have more power to heal us than the best technology ever can or will – if only we can learn to know our true power as infinite Beings.  The “other” conversation understands that the simple remedies of our ancestors address the cause of dis-ease, rather than the complex ‘modern’ attempts to cover over the effects.

The “other” conversation has us tap our infinite ‘knowing’ which is always available to us – something no quantum computer with ‘artificial intelligence’ can ever hope to match. Here is the big distinction: there are many kinds of intelligence.  ‘Artificial intelligence’ that is the sum total of a sequence of ‘self-learning’ calculations is not the same intelligence that Sources infinite consciousness.  Nor can a bucket of bolts and transistors ever ‘feel’ the love of the Heart’s infinite knowing or perceive beauty, because only our LIVING heart is truly connected to the infinite I AM consciousness.

The “other” conversation has us tap our intuitive, psychic, telepathic and remote sensing and viewing capabilities and a whole range of other ‘universal intelligences’ we have been endowed with by our (infinite consciousness) ‘Creator’, to access infinite intelligence and to connect non-locally anywhere and anytime – something the N$A and ‘PTB’ would hate for you ever to figure out because it renders useless their best surveillance capabilities.

When we tap our infinite intelligence we tap our Source of genius.  Genius is not ‘fixed’ by some genetic luck of the draw at birth.  Genius is NOT book smarts or how good you are at rote subjects like math. That’s simply ‘program logic’ and computers can already blow away any of us on that limited level. That is not the intelligence or capacity our “other” conversation is talking about.  The “other” conversation is about TRUE genius!  The genius that has the capacity to map ‘The Matrix’ of deception, perceive infinite consciousness as their BEINGHOOD, and navigate the world of illusion with ease and grace.  The genius that uses ‘infinite imagination’ to manifest anything it, well, can imagine!  Genius is available to EVERYONE when they tap into their infinite Self and become their unique Gift.  We are ALL born with some kind of genius, and there appears to be a war against you ever finding that out because when you are coming from your authentic genius you can no longer ever again be controlled or deceived.  In short, the “other” conversation is about your freedom as a Sovereign Being.

Finally, the “other” conversation knows – as we have been exploring throughout this discussion –  that consciousness does not end with death, because consciousness is not the product of our body or our brain, the body is a product of infinite consciousness and death is therefore an illusion.  We are immortal, infinite consciousness.  When you come to stand in your power, you have stepped into the “other” conversation – your BEINGHOOD.  Welcome!

*This is what I have come to call “Reed’s 180° rule: everything is the opposite of what you perceive it to be until you are enlightened”, because the five outer senses misinterpret the data backwards, much like your eye takes in an image upside down requiring your brain to turn it right side up.


Why You Can’t Change The World

We often hear people shouting “Save the World” and declaring that they are going to “Change the World” with their ideas and products.  Well intentioned though they may be, you can not change anyone or anything, save your Self.

And this is the message of the great Tao: to save the world, you must save your self; to change the world, you must change your self – first.

With this approach, if everybody were to ‘suddenly’ become Self responsible, rather than trying to tell and blame others apart from themselves that ‘they’ need to change (to fit their ideal view of how the world should be), we’d actually see a complete shift, and not one thing would have happened ‘out there’.  No protests, no revolutions, no wars, nothing.

How is this possible, you might wonder?  Simply by understanding one fundamental truth: you can’t change others, or more specifically, you can’t change how they see the world – their ‘Worldview’ – how they perceive life in other words, and hence what they believe and feel and their actions that flow therefrom.

This is where ‘free will’ comes in.  Free will is a very misunderstood concept.  It portends that you have free will to do as you wish, despite the flow of consequences from your actions.  It suggests that life has no destiny, that we are simply a chaotic collection of random events.  This is humorous when you really get awake to see enough of the bigger picture.  Even ‘Brownian motion’ – that belief from a “Logic-Based” (Orange) scientific Worldview that atoms are all bouncing around without any rhyme or reason – is very myopic.  Chaos ‘theory’ is from a vantage point that can’t see the forest for the trees, so it is no wonder everything looks as it does – from that vantage point it is chaos!  Everything in the universe is highly ordered, you just haven’t yet, and these ‘limited viewpoint’ scientists haven’t yet, expanded out far enough to connect the dots that allow you to see the infinite order that is all around us.  And this infinite order comes about because the universe(s) – yes, there as many of them as there are stars and planets because its all one infinitely endless fractal – are of one infinite consciousness that is Self aware at any moment at any point throughout ALL of it.  When you fully surrender into this infinite oneness, your whole life changes, as you ‘get’ that there is nothing to be done!  This is destiny; the past, present and future have a grand order; and this order is toward wholeness.

This is why you can’t change the world, because the world is made up of a collection of Worldviews – each one an individual Soul on a journey of coming into wholeness in their own way and in their own time.  And because there is no time, they have as long as it takes.  The universe as infinite consciousness is expressing itself in an infinite array of experiences we are each exampling.  Some are more limited and some are more expanded of the ‘whole’. The ‘mean’ of these (at this moment on planet earth) are what currently make up the ‘gravity’ of our present collective consciousness.

What those who are trying to change the world are aiming to achieve is to ‘force’ others to see the world as they see it, experience the world as they experience it, and change their habits and beliefs to those habits and beliefs they ‘believe’ are better for others – and us collectively – if only the others knew better.  I admit to having been guilty of this and that is why I can write about it – we ALL have been guilty of it and most still are!  And maybe you are right… however, when you get sufficiently expanded you realize that right and wrong are also relative, so who are you to judge?  It’s their Soul’s expression after all, and we are infinite and immortal and its all just the universe expressing itself anyway…

Does this mean we are to just give up trying?  Just throw in the towel and go lay on the beach?  Well, that might not be a bad start, because at least it puts you down the true path – the path of surrender.  Then what happens?  Eventually, you come to understand the message of the great sages and teachers throughout time.  The message that you can lead a horse to water, but you can not ‘force’ it to drink.  It has to drink of its own ‘free will’.

And this brings up the world we currently find ourselves in, a world where a cabal of elites under the Vatican does their utmost to force us to drink through submission, coercion, Wizard-of-Oz-like fear mongering in every medium known, threats, intimidation, and on and on.  The formula is working less and less as more and more people are waking up, so now they keep turning up the heat higher and higher – increasing the number of false flag attacks, mass gun violence shootings, escalating the poisoning of the air, water and food, and on and on – everything short of just outright killing everyone off!  But then, that would not be much fun for them, they need us to submit of our own ‘free will’ to their ego of power and dominance of law to get the full psychopathic satisfaction they crave.

And then there are those well meaning Souls on the other ‘pillar’ trying to tell us how we should be behaving and acting, if we want to have a good life.  Those with radical viewpoints and fundamentalist beliefs are also using fear and limited victim consciousness to assuage others with guilt and shame and pride and a long list of means to get them to bend their will to ‘their way’ or the proverbial highway.

So how do you ‘touch’, ‘move’ and ‘inspire’ (fill with spirit within) others to come around to your way of thinking – or more correctly, perceiving reality as you do?  First, a horse will flat out not drink from a place of fear, so that tactic is not going to get you very far.  That leaves the only way the world ever shifts, changes or evolves – from love.  Love may be ‘tough’, as the Hindu Goddess Kali examples, but it is fierce love none the less.  Second, you must ‘be the change’ you wish to see in the world.  Are you someone I’d look up to, feel loving desire to emulate?  Many ‘gurus’ that think they are models of change are largely, when you pull back far enough, causing motivation not from positive attraction, but from, again, the negative consequence of what might become of you if you don’t get on the bus.  For example, most people, who are in a place of ‘separation’ consciousness from their infinite I AM Self of abundance, are always afraid of having money enough to survive.  This of course perpetuates a cycle of contraction and fear, thus becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

These people – the majority in our present paradigm, flock to ‘get rich’ gurus, teachers and schemes to calm their fear.  This of course makes these charlatans rich, but that is not by example – quite the opposite.  It is playing off someone else’s fear.  It is therefore a form of coercion and force; but as we know, there are no victims, only those with limited awareness.  And you could say this is ‘bad’, but as we’ve said, there is no such thing as bad or good, only the presence of something – like love – or its absence, in this case ‘fear’ is what is left in someone who is cut off from the true Source of their life – their infinite well of consciousness I AM.  Yet it is perfect of course, it is what they came here to learn this time around, that they eventually learn THEY are the money, that THEY are EVERYTHING – I AM that I AM!

If someone were to truly be a model of success in life, they would have already made themselves by ‘Being’ their ‘Gift’ in the world, and sharing with others how they too can be their Gift, as each of us has a unique expression in this infinite tapestry.  That comes from empowerment and love.  It comes from a knowing of surplus, not scarcity.

When you speak of a way of seeing life as infinite, abundant without scarcity, full of love and joy; where there is no death – only life; where there is no fear – only love; where there is no limitation and scarcity – only abundance; would that perception be attractive to you?  Would you choose to have “what s/he’s having”?   I know I would.  When the horse finally feels in its HEART (because the mind is so easily and cleverly deceived) the knowing of choice born of love, coherence with all of life, in unity and wholeness with infinite consciousness, it will then freely drink.  And this is the heart of Sovereignty: are you freely drinking?  Or are you in some mode of reaction to fear because you’ve disconnected in some way from the infinite consciousness you are?

You can’t change others, so you can’t change the world, but you can change your Self, expand how you perceive life from a place of infinite consciousness that sees Beauty where ever you look, because everything is whole, perfect and complete in its order.  You can ‘be the change’ you wish to see in the world, and by expressing your Self, ‘touch’, ‘move’, and ‘inspire’ others to choose that in their Hearts and in their lives.

So in the final analysis, there is nothing to change in the world, nothing to be saved – there is only how you see it all. That is ascension.  Freedom is the vantage point of infinite consciousness’ perfection.  Freedom is BEINGHOOD.

(To be in the planets “other” conversation, include #BEINGHOOD in your comments)

There Are ONLY TWO (2) Things That Matter In Your Life…

When you get all the illusion stripped away, there are ONLY TWO (2) things that matter in your life…

The Essence of Focus and Filters

1.  FOCUS, because there is only this moment, always and ever, what you focus on each moment is tantamount.  If you died tomorrow, all your possessions and money would be meaningless, and only your legacy is what is left behind.  Yes, your possessions may have hand-me-down value to your heirs, but that misses the point.

Love is the highest Service and value one can give.  In thought, word and deed, love is what counts in the cosmic bank account.  It is what you look at when you pass over – how much love did I give?  And giving is also the key here.  It’s not how much love did I take!  That isn’t possible when you really sit with it.

Love of your Self, others, life, the planet, animal, plant and mineral kingdom, your ancestors, the universe as a whole.  Cut it anyway you will, giving love in every moment is what counts.  Love of your creations, your world, your enemies and shadow aspects as a disowned part of your Self.  All of these and anything else you can think of are what we are talking about here when it comes to your true BEINGHOOD.

And as we said above, but it bears repeating, there is only this moment, and there is only giving love that matters.  There is no opposite of love, hate is only the absence of love, just as cold is only the absence of heat and dark is the absence of light.  So the bottom line focus of your enlightened life is to give love in every moment, in all ways, in your intentions toward ANYTHING or ANYONE, and your thoughts, actions, words and deeds – especially toward your Self!  Remember, where attention goes, energy flows.

2. Next comes your FILTERS.  How do you filter your Self from the world, from showing up as you truly are, from giving ALL of your Self to the world without holding back?  BEING authentically you, honest and true.  Most people play small, are afraid for any millions of reasons to be their shining, their radiant beautiful Self – they self-censor and hold back being great.

Genius is simply someone who stepped forward and gave themselves fully to the world, gave their Gift to give, however many forms and ways that can take.  Being bold enough to be true to both your Self and to life!  Authentically you.  When you fully get free of your conditioning and armoring and stories and limiting beliefs causing you to be ‘less than’ you, then you are free in the truest sense of the word.  When you feel “its safe to be me”, safe to shine your full and true essence, you are in your BEINGHOOD, you are radiating your Soul to the world, and this is what the world is demanding of you – always.  Only you are the one who pulls back on the throttle of life and goes at life ‘in the comfort zone’.

Fear is the primary factor in causing you to hold back.  False Evidence Appearing Real.  Self-censoring is the fastest way to separate you from what your spirit is calling you forth to be.  Its all an illusion.  The difference between you and the rich and famous is they are not afraid to step out onto the stage of life and show themselves.

Be vulnerable!  Put yourself in ‘awkward positions’ taking a stand for your beliefs.  Share what you think, feel and believe.  Don’t hold back!

You worry what the neighbors might think, what others will believe or think about you, so you beat them to the punch so to speak and reject yourself first, never fully and truly speaking your mind.  Or you don’t believe you are ‘good enough’ or worthy of creating the book or work of art or invention you always fantasize about in your mind.  “If only” is your motto in life.  If only this or that was in place, this or that condition was met, then things might be different so now I can finally get on with it.  You are living from the past or waiting for the future, never being present and living in the now.  And as we saw in the first part of this two part equation, there is ONLY the present now!  All else is a distraction and a way to limit your full BEING here and now.

So give your Self fully to the world, knowing its SAFE to be you, and that only you hold the key to your full and true freedom, your BEINGHOOD.

So… what’s your choice going to be?

Returning To Grace

Many religions speak about the fall.  But fall from what?  How did we fall?  Where were we before we fell?

The fall in its essence is a metaphorical shift in perception.  Somewhere along the line we individually and collectively lost sight of the bigger picture of who we are.  Every problem, issue, pain, trauma and heartache suffered by Humanity today can be traced back to this one point.  In fact, this shift in perception and awareness is responsible for all the suffering in your life.

Also, in actual fact and not understood by even theologians, we have never before in our history had this awareness we are told we fell from by the Christian religion amongst others.  In our distant past, as the curve of consciousness illustrated by the regional period of Mayan long count calendar shows, we had a more direct awareness of our interconnection to all things, and this is what we supposedly fell from.  Yet, in reality, while the Shaman of this time knew he could call on the elementals, nature spirits and gods with whom he was intimately connected, they still in his perception all existed apart from him (I say him because this tribal function was done by the male members of the tribe).

We then fell away from this perception as our awareness shifted yet again in the intervening periods up to now.  What then happened is we ‘contracted’ our awareness to form the ego, which gave each of us a sense of personal identity.  And this was all a necessary part of our evolution.  Yet this contraction came with a steep price to pay.  We are now a collection of nation states warring amongst ourselves, humans are responsible for the 6th mass extinction of bio-diverse life on the planet threatening now our very survival – let alone functionally destroying the quality of life we once enjoyed by fouling the air we breathe and the water we drink.  Our foods are largely empty of nutrition, our minds are given over to fear and mind-control that has been skillfully manipulated by the very religions and ‘one percent’ entrusted with stewardship of this planet’s life.

Everywhere we turn we see this contraction and separation perception on steroids.  Technology has dumbed us down from our true essence and potential, money has been perverted to serve the few at the expense of the many.  Our governments, controlled from behind the scenes by these isolated special interests are at war with the citizenry they were formed to serve.  The medical establishment does more to harm health than to facilitate it through its ignorance of the bigger picture, again driven by special money and power interests that haven’t a clue of their true purpose here in this life.

I could go on for days pointing out all the ills we’ve cast upon ourselves through this ignorance of who we are.  And yet, there is no evil, no wrong being committed, despite the religions casting about for a devil or Satan to blame.  Good/bad, right/wrong, etc. are all dualistic perceptions from a limited vantage point of separation consciousness.  Jingoist Americans are claiming god’s destiny to club the Middle East for its oil resources, while Jihadist’s are claiming its Allah’s destiny to defend themselves.

We can only blame the person we see in the mirror, for that person looking back at you has truly fallen from grace.  The only terrorist is the one looking back at YOU!  You are in terror; everyone is in terror, and quickly blaming the ‘other guy’ so as not to take on any responsibility.  The elites are terrified of the masses, the masses hate the elites, nature is to be raped and pillaged to run up the stock flavor of the day propped up by a pack of dogs clamoring for a piece of the ‘steak’ created out of thin air by a more clever few who figured out how to get the world to do their bidding by creating fiat money with a keystroke.  While these magicians may be commended for their mastery of human nature, they are themselves dark by their very ignorance of their own shadow self.  Despite appearances, they have fallen further from grace than anyone.

Human nature is a simple understanding, we each, by our ego and survival drives of our primitive brain, seek to preserve our self.  And I make a key distinction here, the self I’m referring to is the ego ‘I’, the self with a small ‘s’.  It is the self that sees everything as being apart from everyone and everything else.  I’ve got mine, you get yours is the motto of this small self.  It acts purely from self interest, and even when appearing to be acting for the ‘greater good’ is actually, upon closer examination, only giving from a very conditioned place.  In elite circles, it is known as ‘scientific giving’ – only giving with the expectation of a return at some point.  Microsoft is a good example (yet by no means alone!), it gives software to schools with the full knowledge that once weaned on their applications, these students will take them into their professional lives at which point the corporation recoups on it’s faux philanthropy.  Never mind the fact it was given tax advantaged write-offs for this ‘giving’ that it can use against it’s current earnings.  Ivy League preppies think this is sophisticated behavior.  In the final analysis, it demonstrates just how far from grace this planet has fallen.  And only because we have lost sight of just what the Self is.

Self interest or self preservation are neither bad nor good, it is only from what perspective are your motivations.  It is not the thing itself, whether it is money or resources or knowledge.  It is the intention of the user of the thing, and his or her awareness of the Self.  For any entrepreneur or investor reading this, ‘enlightened’ Self interest and ‘enlightened’ Self preservation yields a vastly greater return in the long run!  No waste, no resistance, win-win-win, and best of all – no enemies!  Your heart will thank you.

The concept of a hot air balloon flight serves as a useful analogy here; it is akin to your perspective – ground level or 50,000 feet up.  The key to the kingdom, the return to Grace is simply a matter of expanding our awareness of the self (the ‘ground level’ ego self with a small ‘s’) to the awakened Self (with a capital ‘S’ seeing life from 50,000 feet up).  So what exactly does this mean? 

This awareness is the evolution into one’s Beinghood.  As we grow up from childhood into adulthood our perceptions of the world expand.  When we grow up and mature into our Beinghood from our immature stage of victimhood/egohood, we shift our relationship to life as a whole, and this is entirely why we incarnate into Earth University – to learn this contrast by first our ignorance of it.

Ego self, because it perceives everything as separate, acts in a manner that harms others – and even harms itself!  Allopathic drugs and medications are a prime example – the side effects can kill you – so what have you gained?  It’s like robbing Peter to pay Paul, only in this case they are both inside your own body.  Holistic medicine has no side effects, because it knows the body system is one interconnected, interdependent whole and treats it as such.  When you act from an expanded awareness of the Self, you act in a manner that is truly helpful to others – and life as a whole.  You serve all because you know you are all.

So what is the real distinction we are making here?  What is required to return to Grace?  And what did I mean when I said we’ve never been here before?  Simply this – at every other point in history a perception was held that everything outside of you was another, a discreet entity unto itself.  And while it may appear so, when you really look from a wide enough perspective you see these all to be anthropomorphic projections of your ego self.    At every point in history, even when we knew the intrinsic inter-relationship to the whole, we were still operating from a degree of separation perception.  These projections and metaphors can be useful for discussion sake, yet only when you hold them from a higher perspective of the truth of consciousness so as to avoid rigidity and fundamentalism.

What we are coming to awaken to now is not only are we one interdependent and interrelated web of life – there is in fact no us or them.  No ‘other’ as gods or elementals or angels or terrorists or whatever.  There is only a constant, indivisible ocean of consciousness, of which we are but the cresting of a wave upon it.  A blip in time, yet a vital and beautiful expression of the whole, to be revered and honored, admired and appreciated.  Yes, there is even no space or time; however, I’ll save that for another post.

When approached from this awareness, the Self as one unified consciousness, every choice, every act, is tempered with this realization.  When enlightened with this knowing, we look to the effect or lifecycle of our choices, we become each others keeper, because we know we are simply being the keeper of our Self.  We are now moving toward expansion, the natural flow of our life-force.  We’ve grown up and have stepped into our Beinghood.  “Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” isn’t a hollow Sunday prayer, it’s how you live your life knowing ‘Thy Will’ means what serves ALL of creation – you included – in harmony, in synergy and in synarchy (see BEINGHOOD – Book Two for more on this).

Near death experiences where you get to glimpse beyond the limiting ego or shamanic practices using Ayahuasca are two lightning paths to this realization.  However, there are more gentle methods.  It’s really a matter of what suits your temperament and what your Soul needs for you to get.  Just by sitting quietly alone for a day in Nature deeply listening will begin to open your ‘field’ and expand your awareness.  Grace is waiting for you, are you ready to return home?

We Are The Power Only When We Realize It!

Here are several quotes by some of history’s greatest thinkers, poets, and writers providing us the honest truth that freedom requires vigilance, and they’ve witnessed enough of history to understand the human condition.  And this first quote really summarizes Beinghood as what you have the freedom to choose WITHIN yourself.  This is the most powerful point, you are always in control of your perception and attitude, and when in the highest awareness of Beinghood you do not see external events causing your bondage as nothing more than a reflection of your inner Terrain.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” – Viktor Frankl

“To say that a person is free to choose to walk while the only walk they can take will lead them over a precipice is to strain words as well as the facts.” – John Dewey 1922

“Freedom is not a luxury that we can indulge in when at last we have security and prosperity and enlightenment; it is, rather, antecedent to all of these, for without it we can have neither security nor prosperity nor enlightenment.  If we create an atmosphere in which men fear to think independently, inquire fearlessly, express themselves freely, we will in the end create the kind of society in which men no longer care to think independently or to inquire fearlessly.  If we put a premium on conformity we will, in the end, get conformity.” – Henry Steele Commager,  Freedom, loyalty, dissent, 1954)

“The justification and purpose of freedom of speech is not to indulge those who want to indulge those who want to speak their minds.  It is to prevent error and discover truth.  There may be other ways of detecting error and discovering truth than that of free discussion, but so far we have not found them.  We cannot choose freedom established on a hierarchy of degrees of freedom, on a caste system of equality like military rank.  We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.  Subject opinion to coercion: who will you make your inquisitors?  Fallible men; men governed by bad passions, by private as well as public reasons and those whom make the laws?  When less than 500 can strive to enslave the entire nation by usurping the constitution of the people and create laws to that threaten those they are sworn to uphold and protect, then it is time to realize that the majority of those threatened, have the power in the second amendment.  For freedom is the right to one’s dignity as a man or woman, or child.  We must protect this at any and all sacrifice as Americans, under God. And never confuse dissent with disloyalty.  For force can only overcome other force.  Truth stood on one side and Ease on the other; it has often been so.  Such is the irresistible nature of truth that all it asks, and all it wants, is the Liberty of appearing.  The truth survives, the untruth perishes.

“Force, the vital principle and immediate parent of despotism.” – Thomas Jefferson, in his first inaugural address, March 4, 1801

“The Constitution of the United States is a law for rulers and people, equally in war and in peace, and covers with the shield of its protection all classes of men, at all times, and under all circumstances. No doctrine involving more pernicious consequences was ever invented by the wit of man that that any of its provisions can be suspended during any of the great exigencies of government.  Such a doctrine leads directly to anarchy or despotism.” – David Davis, Supreme Court Opinion, ex parte Milligan, 1866

“The moment a man say, “Give up your rights, here is money,” there is tyranny. It comes masquerading in monks’ cowls and in citizens’ coats; comes savagely or comes politely. But it is tyranny.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 1851

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.  What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly:  T’is dearness only that gives every thing its value.” – Thomas Paine, “The America Crisis” December 19, 1776

The Three Best Reasons To Choose Beinghood


The best reason is true FREEDOM and Sovereignty.

Freedom from the false habits and programming that you’ve been conditioned all your life to submit to.  True freedom that can only come when you are your own inner authority.

The second best reason is CONNECTION.

Connection with others of like Hearts and Being who have awakened to the Matrix with whom you can now Self-organize and co-create projects or relationships – or just about anything else.

Organize creating our new Society where everyone is valued and appreciated for their Gifts.

Gifts joyously given and received in a new Synergy that provides abundance and prosperity for all.

The third best reason is AWARENESS.

You’ve been so lied to for so long, how do you know who or what to believe anymore?  When you are in your BEINGHOOD, you will know exactly how to cut through the propaganda and know the real truth – for you!

Are you ready for some real peace of mind in your life?

The seeds of possibility BEINGHOOD inspires in you puts in motion the gears of the universe to realize these expanded possibilities in your life.  To receive these seeds now, read “The Proclamation Of Beinghood” here.

BEINGHOOD is a chance for all awakened Beings to voice their choice.  Remember, your choice – your voice – counts!

BEINGHOOD reflects your choice to be in a state of peace and harmony.  In the Beinghood, it’s how we choose to be.

The Missing Piece

The word “BEINGHOOD” is the missing piece in the conscious evolution of Humanity.

The common understanding is that evolution is something that happens “to us”, by default.  However, this is inaccurate and we needn’t fall victim to it.  We are Creator Beings, and as such have the capacity to guide our evolution through deliberate, conscious choice.

When we step into our Beinghood, how we then choose to evolve as Humanity grows out of our tribe’s clear intentions as a harmonious, inter-dependent Tapestry.

This is our chosen path, our collective Will – that when we all take full responsibility individually, together we become a truly Self-organizing system.

Beinghood is freedom.

As more and more heed their call to Beinghood, a planetary turning point becomes quickly reached.  Now we can each know who our conscious, awake Brothers and Sisters are.

The signs are all about us today.  Congratulations to all of us in the Beinghood on creating the world we’ve been waiting for!

Come celebrate the shift…